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Screw with washer combination. Saving the capitals & saving your time.

Transporting Fingers

Screw Country is US‧Taiwanese‧Since 1970 Material:S45C, SKD11,SKD61 Hardened: -Prism Hardened(Introducting Hardened) 50HRC above. -Case Hardened 50-55HRC. Surface: Nitrided, Sandblasting. Basic Process:Milling. All machinery type possible provided.   Stock Q

Heading Die

Screw Country is US‧Taiwanese‧Since 1970 Material:SKD61+Carbide Hardened:SKD61 46-50HRC. Surface Of Inner Hole:Fine. Basic Process:Turning, E.D.M, Pulishing. All screw head type possible provided.   Stock Quantity Possible. Lead Time:14-30Days. Tr